Soul Cage Tiers
A guide to specifying new tiers for the Soul Cage (and the Soul crystal by extension)
When a mob is killed in spirit and gone into a soul crystal, it is not functional in a soul cage until it has met the minimum requirements for one of the soul cage tiers that are specified. This page will show you how to define new types.

Tier definition

Every soul cage tier must be defined in json in the recipes folder. All fields in the json (except for redstoneControlled, ignoreSpawnConditions, and the entity blacklist) are required.
(the type field is the type for the recipe, do not change that)
"type": "spirit:soul_cage_tier",
"displayName": "spirit.soul_cage.tier_1",
"requiredSouls": 64,
"minSpawnDelay": 300,
"maxSpawnDelay": 1000,
"spawnCount": 3,
"spawnRange": 5,
"nearbyRange": 16,
"redstoneControlled": false,
"ignoreSpawnConditions": false,
"blacklist": [
  • "displayName": string
    Specifies the display name for the tier. This string is translatable.
  • "requiredSouls": string Specifies how many souls are required to achieve this tier. All tiers are ordered by this value
  • "minSpawnDelay": integer Specifies the minimum random delay before a mob can spawn
  • "maxSpawnDelay": integer Specifies the maximum random delay a mob should spawn before
  • "spawnCount": integer Specifies how many mobs spawn per spawn cycle
  • "spawnRange": integer Specifies how far away mobs can spawn from the soul cage
  • "nearbyRange": integer Specifies what the maximum distance a player can be from the spawner before it stops working. This value can be set to -1 to not require a player nearby
  • "redstoneControlled": boolean Specifies whether or not the soul cage can be disabled/enabled with redstone at this tier
  • "ignoreSpawnConditions": boolean Specifies whether or not spawn conditions are checked when a mob tries to spawn
  • "blacklist": list of strings Specifies which mobs are not usable in the soul cage at this tier of the soul cage
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