Soul Transmutation
A guide to creating soul transmutation recipes.
Soul transmutation is the newest kind of recipe found in Spirit. It cannot be used to create items, but rather turn souls into other souls, or souls into a living entity.


Registering a new soul transmutation, just like the rest of the data in Spirit, must be done through the recipe folder.
"type": "spirit:soul_transmutation",
"entityInput": "minecraft:zombie",
"activationItem": {
"item": "minecraft:golden_apple"
"consumesActivator": true,
"itemInputs": [
"item": "minecraft:emerald"
"tag": "forge:seeds"
"entityOutput": "minecraft:villager",
"duration": 60,
"shouldSummonMob": false
  • Required: "entityInput": string of an entity Specifies which entity is required for the activation to start. Can be replaced with a tag of an entity if a # is put before the name of the tag like so: "entityInput": "#forge:creeper"
  • Required:"itemInputs": list of ingredients of items
    Specifies the items that are valid for each of the pedestals. Has a max of 8 possible items, and each item can be an item id with a key of "item" or an item tag with a key of "tag". If you wish to specify no required items for transmutation, an empty list is also a valid recipe, but a list is still required.
  • "activationItem": ingredient of item
    Specifies the item(s) valid to activate the recipe. Defaults to the spirit soul wand if not specified.
  • "consumesActivator": boolean
    Specifies whether the activation item is consumed when the recipe begins. Defaults to false.
  • Required: "entityOutput": string of an entity Specifies which entity is summoned or transformed into upon recipe completion.
  • "duration": integer Specifies how long ritual takes. Defaults to 60 ticks (3 seconds).
  • "shouldSummonMob": boolean" Specifies whether the recipe results in the mob being spawned in the world
  • "outputNbt": string of a compoundTag Specifies any additional nbt that is added to an entity only when the mob is spawned in world. By default, no additional nbt is set
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